Saturday, August 23, 2008

High waisted, vests and cardis!

SPOTTED: Sassy Chic

The vests haven't gone obsolete yet! They're still here and I bet more to come in more designs we never would have thought of too! Like this one here, simple, yet chic, that's the look we're looking for when we wanna wear a vest, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Popcorn

Or would you fancy a high waisted skirt with that? for an all round corporate look. Mm.. This one is sure one hip chic alrighty. Imagine wearing that to work. Tee-hee. Sure gonna change the mood in the workplace to be more fun and less serious. I reckon better productivity too when you look and feel good!

SPOTTED: Sweet Innocence

Or would you dare go all the way with a waist coat like this? Ooo.. so charming this one is! Like so gentleman yet the cut is perfectly tailored for the ladies! Mmm.. I reckon this one is sure to look good and sexy, depending on what you match it with, no?

There you go babes, for those who missed out on 'em cardis, here are more for you! And better place your orders before they go poof! Again! For some reason, the cardis always, always sell out like hot cakes, no?

SPOTTED: Trendsettershop

More high waisted shorts! For those who are mad about high waisted and the like, this one here is just nice! The length, the colour and not to forget that famous two columns of buttons that make it extra yummy-licious! *giggles* Too bad they only have it in black though

SPOTTED: Oh My Clothes!

Here's another one! But it is a dress of course. With zebra stripes on the upper half and that electric blue on the lower half, it is sure one striking piece, no? *grins* I'd say so myself too! Totally dig the colour combo on this one! Don't you?


Here's another cardi cum hoodie! Oh, don't forget the uber adorable puffy pockets too! Tee-hee. And what we love best is the length! You don't have to worry about it being too short and what not with this one here. Hey, I reckon it coloud be worn as a mini dress for the petites as well!

SPOTTED: Do Re Mi *Newbie*
Ooo.. another pinafore! And this one is stripes too! The colours are more subtle, somewhat so it could make do for less serious occasions, no? *grins* Especially *heart* how the buttons are arranged on this one. Retailing for only RM 36! STEAL!


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