Saturday, August 23, 2008

Erm, I got so many tabs I’m lost!

I was planning to like arrange everything in themes but then I realised I got heaps of tabs opened and the emails keep pouring in! *gasp* So bear with me as the ones to come will be a tad bit messy yea?

SPOTTED: knit.neat *Newbie*

Hey this one is really cute, no? Not only has it got those lantern sleeves over there but there are a little row of buttons that allows you to button up or even down as you like it to be! Woot! this is definitely something different alright, and how can we say no to pink?!

SPOTTED: Dressing Lab

Ooo.. another toga top? A braided one too mind you. Now this is definitely something simple we wanna own, no? *grins* Totally dig the fuchsia pink! Hey, maybe this will end up as a pink post? We'll see! Now hurry to place your orders before they run out!

SPOTTED: A Touch of Simplicity

Ok, this ain't exactly pink but hey, I reckon they're from the same family group of colours! It's actually purple and retailing for only RM 19 each (STEAL!) you sure can do with a basic tee like this no? Wear it on itself or match it with those pinafores you've got! As a matter of fact, I did see some around. Let me get to it!


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