Monday, August 11, 2008

Like nearly every new post has a new e-shop featured can? Or well, every other new post then

And what do they have for us? Swirls of course! *giggle* Fits the name, can? This little mini dress here has 'em all over and not to forget a tinge of lace on it too! Sweet, can? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: White Label

This time White Label brings us a basic top with layered sleeves! Ahh.. uber versatile with this one and didn't you hear already? Purple is this Fall's season's new black! So hurry up and grab your purple goodies now!

SPOTTED: Dolly Sins

Ooo.. a Louis Vuitton look-a-like? Almost similar can? But definitely not similar in price because you can get this like way, way, way cheaper! *giggles* That' good news to us, no? *winks*And come on, we can never have too many bags. They're a fab investment!

SPOTTED: Milky Cottage

Look who's back! And of course with awesome goodies as well. Like this little halter pinafore here, uber cute can? And the colour is simply dazzling as well *giggles* and don't we just love the way she names the clothes? So yummy-licious. Literally!

SPOTTED: Dainty Dresser

A little ruffled top with 'em sash and puffy sleeves is sure to guarantee to leave you a babe with style as you stroll in to the office alright. Bet you'll chase off the Monday blues too *giggles* and this top is definitely something good for after work as well too, no?

SPOTTED: A Fashion Obsession

A little knitted cardigan is here for you lot! Reaching the hips so everyone can have a piece without worrying about it being too short and sporting a low V-neck for you to show off what you're wearing underneath while keeping you warm! Awesome, can?

Psst! They're bringing in more goodies on Thursday! Better watch out for those!


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