Monday, August 11, 2008

SPOTTED: The Bouncing Bananas

Ooo.. would you look at that cute little thing. It's a Gucci tote! *giggles* Uber adorable, can? I mean like why wouldn't you want a little tote on you when you're out, no? Plus for such an affordable price too! Ok, obviously it isn't the real genuine thing but hey, looks just as good *winks*

SPOTTED: d LookinGlass

Another toga in the house. A toga mini dress this one is *giggles* Love the whole abstract patterns and all, can? This is so the season to toga, so grab yours already today if you haven't. You sure don't wanna be the only one missing out on this one, no?

SPOTTED: Sinful Seduction

Go bubbly with this one here. A sleeveless top that's dotted with cute bubbles and circles all over the place! Woot! And it's satin too. Love the feel, love the look *winks*


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