Thursday, August 28, 2008

Make way for new ones first!
SPOTTED: Vintage Auction *Newbie*

A-ha! They are finally up and running! I've been like waiting for days already. So here's how it goes, you bid for the piece by leaving comments. Yay! They even bring you goodies every Thursdays too! And.. and.. best part is the price is inclusive of postage fee! Woot! Come, come, let me give you a sneak peek!

Yummy for more? Then head over there already!

SPOTTED: *Newbie*

More Forever 21 goodies for you lot! That's right, they have dresses and more dresses from Forever 21! Something that makes you excited already, no? Like this one here? Just a teaser really. They have lots more and I ain't spoiling surprises for you. So go and see what they have in store for you already!

SPOTTED: Gin & Tonic Clothing *Newbie*

Another block colour dress! Ooo.. I *heart* 'em! Ok, not block colours per se, but you know, colour stripes on a dress kinda thing. Anyways, I think they are fab because it isn't too simple and it isn't too fanciful either! Just nice eh? Don't cha think so? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Runway Closet

Here's another kimono inspired dress! A floral print one too, like we see at least one of these every single day, can? I mean, I don't mind cuz they are all so gorgeous! Woot! Love 'em, love 'em to bits! Psst, this one here? In lycra too! *winks*

SPOTTED: Trendy Hunt

Another maxi dress to add to your collection *winks* Like how many have you babes got already? Tee-hee. One, obviously isn't enough to do the trick when it comes to clothes, no? This one here's abstract really, just simple ones though without overwhelming the dress, letting it speak for itself! Woot!

SPOTTED: Buckle Buckle

Or are you looking for another toga dress? Well, there are still around and this one even has got pleats on 'em! Pair it with some fierce glads and let me hear you say rawr! *grins* One more time! Tee-hee. Ok, ok, I crack myself up sometimes, but hey you gotta admit this one here is awesome!

SPOTTED: Vintage Finds

White cardis anyone? Yes, a cardi without the hoodie. And its long baby! Not the usual cropped or just nice lengths. Last piece, who's gonna take it?! don't wait now alright, they might just belong to someone else before you know it!

SPOTTED: Doublewoot

Another one? Another one that's kimono inspired?! I can like, so make a post on just these tops/dresses already, no? Tee-hee. Oh dear, it isn't restockable babes! If you like it then you better hurry to place an order already! Don't wait up! Hurry, hurry!

SPOTTED: Piercedart

And let's end the post with some accessories! Another rocking horse? They seem to be the IT thing when it comes to necklaces, no? *grins* And it's pink! *giggles* A pink rocking horse, how fab is that already?! Ooo.. and they have it in yellow too? OMG! Go check it out!


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