Friday, August 29, 2008


SPOTTED: Tictactoe

The sisters have gone vintage yet again! Woot! It's amazing how they manage to bring in so much goodies every single week without fail! And yummy-licious goodies to mind you *winks* This dress here, upon closer inspection is full of little flowers! Cuteness! Get it, get it!

SPOTTED: Pink LadyBirdz

Want more floral? Here you have it. A halter dress that is plastered with 'em and also in chiffon, imagine swaying the night away with this beauty here eh? Awesome! And.. and.. instead of a pussybow, they have one at the back! Woot! Is it still called a pussybow then?

SPOTTED: Poppy Garden

Another V-neck dress ala kimono style! Just plain black and I reckon a nice cincher would very much liven this one up, no? Dare you bare? Or hey, just pop on a tube top anytime! You know anything goes nowadays!

SPOTTED: Pandora Gallery & Boutique

In time for Raya, they too have brought in kebayas! And personally I think they look awesome, always wanted one set but am afraid I ain't tall enough to carry the look. Darn! Anyways, here's plenty to choose from and this is just a sneak peek!

Btw, they have some massive sales on! Scroll down and check 'em out!

SPOTTED: Vibrant Swirls

And even more floral! Oh my, they just keep on coming don't they? Just a simple piece that would match so well with that hot bikini and denim cutoffs. Ooo.. imagine hitting the sand, sea and waves! Sizzling hot, can?!

SPOTTED: Absolutely Dress[ed] Gallery

This one here would be perfect for any black and white themed parties, no? It's like a two toned dress only with extra details on the lower half, simple yet chic enough to carry for events without being brushed off as casual. One word, FAB!

SPOTTED: Dressiere

And another sexy piece that would look so good for those beach parties! You have to check this one out, with its sexy back like that? How can you resist? Silk and sequins and most of all sexy! Tee-hee.


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