Saturday, August 30, 2008

Maxi dresses and gladiators!

SPOTTED: Uber Love by Miss Lyana

I know you haven't gotten enough of 'em just yet, what more when they come in flats in a happy sunshine shade can? tee-hee. That's right, more glad flats for you lot and it's running out fast so hurry!

SPOTTED: Katzi Couture

Or would you rather have flats but with some height, just not at the heel for that fierce look? *Grins* And they've got it in white too! Awesome! You can now be fierce with 'em shoes! Rawr!

SPOTTED: Shopping Princess

Not only do you get a maxi dress, you get it vintage style too! And ohh, what a cute way to tie the straps at the back. You have got to check this one out babes. It's really gorgeous, and I like it that the back ain't so low so that we have no worries about what to wear inside!

SPOTTED: Rockstar Chic

And what 'ya know, they even got maxi dresses with puffy sleeves can? Tee-hee. So cute and am so liking the design of this one already! Like how the designs are minimal at the bust area and focused everywhere else!


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