Saturday, August 30, 2008

SPOTTED: Dazi Fashion *Newbie*

A new one yet again, and this time what do they have for us? Ooo.. isn't that a Mickey tee? I was gonna say let's spot the hidden Mickey but hmm... rather obvious on this one isn't it? *winks*

SPOTTED: Triple Heart

I love white bags, like you didn't know already *giggles* It's big, it's convenient, it looks good and it's going for a really fab price! So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab yours before it's gone! And don't forget to check out their sister sites too!

SPOTTED: Vibrant Swirls

Don't you just love those babydoll dresses? And even more when they come with puffy sleeves! So adorable. Like you can have a whole wardrobe of these and not get bored because of the different designs they keep coming up with!

SPOTTED: Lovely Lolitas

And here's one with 'em flutter sleeves that spell out vintage, no? Best part is, you don't have to wear it with the square neckline if you don't want to, just push it to the side a little for that off shoulder look already *winks*

SPOTTED: Oh My Clothes!

That's right, you read it right, this is almost a kimono but not quite so. And anyways, doesn't matter the term as long as it looks good on us, we want it, no? Tee-hee. Especially like how it gives you that impression of the obi belt at the waist. Mmm.. nice!


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