Friday, August 22, 2008

The Old School Post

Like if you didn't already noticed, there is like major vintage/retro/old school hype that's been going round, can? like suddenly whoa.. everyone is carrying something from the bygones! I'm sure our mummies would be proud to share their loot which some time back we wouldn't even bat an eyelid against it.

SPOTTED: Vintage Finds *Newbie*

And this brand new one here is just about vintage *winks* What I like? Us this gorgeous hearts charmbracelet! *giggles* and did you know there are little quotes carved on one of the hearts? Spot the carvings! The bling, the simplicity and the bow, adds on the juice to this one alright!

SPOTTED: Fashion Robots *Newbie*

Oh my.. if it isn't another Peter Pan collar top! *giggles* And I'd say this piece is like so vintage yet so new age at the same time, especially with the little ribbon tie added to the front over there! Ooo.. and that isn't the end of it alright, you gotta check out the back! It is uber awesome, you sure don't wanna miss it! Plus, only one piece of each item, so you get to be unique and flaunt those yummy clothes!

SPOTTED: Symplycity *Newbie*

There we have another three stripe satin dress that spells out MOD! *giggles* Really simple one here, but nevertheless gorgeous can? I mean come on, it's satin too. And anything with a white background, I'd dig it! Tee-hee. Simply because white is such a versatile colour!

SPOTTED: Tictactoe

My, my, they are at it again! Bringing in heaps and not forgetting the uber cute vintage pieces too! Like this dress here? Is such a cutie, can? Tee-hee. Who says vintage don't look good? I think this one here is adorable!


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