Friday, August 22, 2008

The Checked Post

Another one that is oh-so-everywhere now, is none other than checks! Imagine, patterns like these, a fashion statement!

SPOTTED: Suede Alibi *Newbie*

We see plenty of shirts in this form, but a dress? A halter dress in checks? Now that's something different that totally grabs our attention already! Woot! 'em big bold checks are what we like, no? And what more, you get to style that halter your way! Or hey, make a tube dress out of it too!

SPOTTED: Starlicious *Newbie*

Or try one in the BF dressing style! This one even comes along with 'em belt, can? Wear it low on the hips, or higher with a cincher, or hey, why not tie the knot and go cowgirl style? No one says you only get to wear this one way, try out all the styles and hey, invent your own too!

SPOTTED: Miho Mina Little Boutique *Newbie*

Or go for a more form fitting top, with 'em checks and even little buttons at the shoulder for that Topshop inspired look! *giggles* something like this is definitely gonna be cute for work and cute for post-work parties too, no? Totally depends on how you wanna wear it *winks*

SPOTTED: Magarita Maiden *Newbie*

And another one in a dress form! Woot! Look up closer and you'll notice it has fine crochet details that run along the hemline too. Ooo.. now that's something special, no? Crochet and checks, who would have thought that would work out well? Tee-hee


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