Thursday, August 7, 2008

OMG, you wouldn't believe it! More new e-shops! Or well they have been around but I just haven't noticed, Ooopsie daisies!

SPOTTED: Sundays Love

Another vintage piece is it? Oh yes. Darn, I should have done a whole post on vintage (and I bet it wouldn't end!) Anyways, this halter top here is definitely suitable for the office and out of the office as well, no? Especially love the little bow at the neck. Gives it an extra edge already! Wear it with a cincher or even with a high waisted skirt for that uber chic look!

SPOTTED: The Clothestage

And here we have another! And what they have for us are STAGE goodies! Tees for both gender here by the Taiwan artist Xiao Zhu aka Show. Do pardon me if I make any mistakes as I'm not familiar with the artist and the brand! But hey the tees definitely look good, no?

SPOTTED: White Label

And then we have something from 'em as well. Yet another Miss Autumn series? Now coming in a halter/tube top style. Ahh.. we know how fast these go, no? So better hurry now and not miss it again! They always go before you can even blink for a better view!


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