Sunday, August 31, 2008


Did I tell you my next fav colour of all times is salmon pink?! It is! and what more when it comes in the form of a sweet turtleneck like that? Ooo.. just perfect for rainy days! Especially considering that I'm always feeling chilly nowadays.

SPOTTED: Like Seriously

OMG, more vintage goodies from 'em! And guess what they brought in? A cheongsam inspired long top, or maybe a real sexy mini cheongsam dress? Tee-hee. Go traditional with this one already, no need to wait for the ig festival to be round the corner!

SPOTTED: Starlicious

Not sure what to categorize this dress under, looks like a pinafore sort of but also a two toned dress? But nevertheless it still looks as sweet as anything, no? Especially the ruffled white top that's attached to it! fab!

SPOTTED: Oh My Clothes!

And here's another two toned dress that just spells out sexy-licious to the core! Not only is it a dress, it gives you the impression of a high waisted skirt attached to it too. Now that's something when you mix a high waisted skirt together with a satin look on the top *winks*

SPOTTED: Eye Candy

And more bags you say? Here you go! Is it me or are the zippers on the bags getting more and more innovative in their placement cuz they look fab! Not only so, this tote here? Add on a sling, to make it a sling bag! Woot!


Your sister in shopping


Anonymous said...

the dress by Starlicious featured in this blog, fyi, the white ruffled top is not satin. it's cotton. i have the exact same pair, only in black.

Your sister in shopping said...

anonymous: Thanks for the info =)