Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Dose of Happiness & Something to Complete the Look

SPOTTED: Closetz Galore

Add a dose of healthy rainbow to your closet with this multicolour mini dress! Stripey in the happy colours just to match your liking and boost up your mood scale, especially since the weather ain't doing so good now. We need more of these!

SPOTTED: Dressierre

Woot! We have another one, with bolder stripes and instead of a black background, they are matching it with black! *giggles* Uber awesome, no? The earlier looks like it's meant for day time, a trip to the mall, maybe to classes and this one looks like meant for the night where you're ready to party!

SPOTTED: Just Bag It

Another tote to add on to your collection! That's right, the girls just added three new bags to their little e-shop and my, my, the bags aren't little alright. This one here is so uber fit for classes or even for work, and I *heart* the zippers they have there. And oh, did I mention the prices include shipping costs already?? *winks*


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