Saturday, August 16, 2008

Would you believe it, more T-bar gladiators are here for you! Woot! And this time, in the shade of light gold. Ooo.. it definitely looks fab, can? And this is one colour we hardly see around too, what more on T-bar gladiators!

SPOTTED: Cat in a Bowl

And would you believe it, even more shoes! Not gladiators but hey, they're peep toe wedges with fringe and they're in white! *grins* Ooo.. I so love white shoes, can? and wedges! They are the bomb! Don't you agree too?

SPOTTED: The Closetz Galore

Would you check that out? That's one hot dress alright. The asymmetrical hemline, the blend of the colours and mm.. the sexy halter neck bit too! *giggles* Definitely something yummy-licious to own, no?

And of course, you can't do without 'em accessories, no?


This time we got some lovely clay made rose earrings. Delicately handmade and oh-so-pretty in those hues, why not don on a pair, be all girly girl and go all floral already! Tee-hee

SPOTTED: 'lil jewellery love

And in flies the horse! Tee-hee. Ok, not literally but there is one on each side of the earring along with a heart shaped bead as well. Ahh.. it's so amazing how simple thing when matched together produce such lovely goodies for us, no?


Fancy even more roses? Then try these vintage rosebuds on a pair of hook earrings. Ahh... feels like owning a pice of treasure when you see this one, no? *grins* Totally awesome! Start a collection already with the goodies you see here. Tee-hee


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