Saturday, August 16, 2008

SPOTTED: Trendy Hunt

Do you want more maxi dresses? *grins* I don't know about you but it somehow has a tinge of batik to it, no? And not only that, this has butterfly sleeves as well, that are totally adjustable to meet the right style you wanna wear it. Is this the maxi dress you're looking for?

SPOTTED: JeansPearly

As promised, they have given their updates and isn't that a cutie? This tank top and the simple design on it and notice the little ribbon tie at the front? *giggles* We've seen a plenty where they tie at the back, we definitely have yet to see more of this kind, no?

SPOTTED: Trendsettershop

Ok, ok, y'all pinafore crazy lovers, here's something for you lot! It's got numbers printed all over 'em. Woot! Makes you a cute math whiz can? and yes, they come with those uber handy and cute pockets too. Plus, the white top is like so included!


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