Friday, August 1, 2008

SPOTTED: Closet Chaos

Go green! Go floral! With his green mini dress over here. Short, flirty, playful and fun all in one. I'd say it's the right match for the weather we're getting here (it's really hot in here!) plus, those BBQs you wanna attend and oh, let's not forget the pool parties shall we? *winks*

SPOTTED: Doublewoot

And even more leafy/floral goodies? Yes, they bring it to you in a kimono dress style! Woot! Really, how often do you see goodies like these? And yes, totally limited in number so grab yours before its gone! Plus, it's the beginning of the month, so we wouldn't have emptied our allowances yet, no?

SPOTTED: Clothesville

Another bag! Hot chilli red! Yikes! But this is definitely a versatile bag, it being super spacious yet has a ruched look to it so it doesn't look huge! *giggles* Just something we girls need, no? And for an affordable price like this, you really shouldn't miss it. If red isn't your thing, you can always opt for the black

SPOTTED: Soak Republic

They just keep on surprising us with these gorgeous goodies, can? We had 'em chains and bamboo earrings. And now more earrings? Oh, rocking horse again! This must be the season for it, they're everywhere! *giggles* And cute too. Don't forget the other pair on the right! It's uber cute yet vintage, can?


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