Saturday, August 2, 2008


Want some more gladiators? Well, guess who just brought in a huge range for y'all! That's right. You have a variety of designs and colours to choose from as well! Now are we spoilt for choice or what?! *grins* Totally, can? Come on, go take your pick already!


Ohh.. I like so miss their updates can? with a sexy-licious vest like that, who wouldn't? I'm like so tempted to get one for myself already! I still haven't gotten a vest! Can you believe it? Oops.. But looking at this, I think I might have just found the right one!

SPOTTED: Oh, popsicles!

Alright, if that isn't the look you're aiming for than maybe this could be it? Nothing too serious of course especially when you got two cutesy bows at 'em pockets! *giggles* Be playful and grab one of these! Or if you already have a vest, you can always add another to your collection, no?

SPOTTED: Tick Tock 365

Stripey and crochet details. What more could you ask for? This semi casual look that you can match with any top you want to make it a casual piece? A semi casual piece? Or even a sexy one! Tee-hee. And yes, the white top comes along with it too!

SPOTTED: Kyo-fashion

And we got more accessories today! Whoopee-doo! Another charmbracelet for your collection there alright, complete with stars and hearts. Nothing like it to jazz up a simple basic outfit, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Charming Pieces

Speaking of accessories, you simply cannot miss goodies from her alright. And lucky us, she just posted up another piece despite her hectic schedule! And Ooo.. another heart lock charm! In brass! I don't know about you but I totally dig goodies like these! Oh my, am turning into an accessory junkie myself! *giggles*


Check out this skirt! Another one of 'em embroidery goodies are in store. Oh.. you know how versatile this is just by looking at it already? *grins* that's right. Not only is it a skirt, but it doubles up as a halter top as well! Genius!

SPOTTED: Clothesbucket

Miss this piece?

Want more? Fret no more for she has got more in store for you! And not only that, this time round you can even have 'em in black! Awesome! Hurry, hurry, place your orders before they all disappear, again!

And.. one more update is by none other than... *drum rolls*


For the life of me I can't seem to load their pictures! *sobs* But do check 'em out as they have a whole load of 'em clothes waiting for you!


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