Wednesday, August 13, 2008

SPOTTED: Clothesforfun

Oh.. mid week surprise! Looks like they decided to spring in some gorgeous goodies for us to make the week look better!

Something like this is sure to jazz up your work day alright! We still have stripes, but not totally boring and typical when you come across this one, no? *winks* Plus, it looks fab with a skinny belt that comes along with it (or grab another because she has tons in store for you!) or else, just tuck in with a high waisted skirt!

SPOTTED: Mimpi Kita

No high waisted skirts here, but they are high waisted shorts available! Woot! Noticed the amount of buttons that jazz up this piece? Definitely gorgeous can? *winks* I'd think so! And high waisted are still like so "IN" fashion, so grab one and don't miss out no more!

SPOTTED: Petite Treasures

Brings you something totally sweet and demure this time round. This sweet looking blouse here? A little touch of lace. A wide neckline. And.. those cute puffy sleeves are sure the thing to do the job alright *winks*

SPOTTED: Eye Catchers

A new one! This sexy weaved belt here s sure something we ought to have, no? It fits so good with those denim pants or else you can use it to accentuate that slim waistline or lay it low on the hips! Come on, let the creative juices flow already! Woot!


Your sister in shopping


Eye Catchers said...

Thanks for featuring us! Love you!

Your sister in shopping said...

eye catchers: Thanks! *giggles* Bring in more cute goodies!