Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Like you can't get enough of 'em high waisted skirts already!

SPOTTED: xoxo.chic

Only one last piece available for this one here so you better hurry and get it now or never! With those awesome huge buttons, like why wouldn't you want this cute yet chic and sassy piece already? Like come on, every girl needs one of these pencil, oops, stiletto skirts, can?

SPOTTED: Lovely Lolitas

Simply gorgeous this one is called and hey, that's so true! Couldn't come up with a better term than that like duh! Floral prints splattered in the most artistic way to give this a simple yet gorgeous look altogether! Woot!

SPOTTED: Clothesbucket

The top, or the skirt? Or both? Well, actually both are for sale! The high waisted skirt cum pinafore and the halter top! Plus, the halter top, you can button it up for the high mandarin collar look too! Two versatile pieces for you to enjoy!

SPOTTED: Goddess City

Another trapeze dress and with pockets too! How cute is that?And I would say super duper handy too! Especially when you need to like keep little notes and such without digging it form our bags! And the design sure is unique, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: The Shoplifters

Oh my! Check that out!

That's right, they're back with their vintage Wednesdays' goodies! And this is just one item out of the many! So many people have bidded already?! *gasp* You sure don't wanna miss out on the fun do you? Hurry and check 'em out!

SPOTTED: Dwotties

And tee-hee. Some cute little designs that spell HOT in so many different ways! *giggles* Be it hot, need ice-cream pronto! Or hot as in sunny day, happy day! She's got it all! Got more ideas? Then have one custom made!


Your sister in shopping


The Shoplifters said...

we don't think we can thank you enough. you've featured us on every single post <3<3<3

Your sister in shopping said...

The Shoplifters: Aww.. You're absolutely welcome! After all, why not share good things, no? *winks* Keep up the good work!