Thursday, August 14, 2008

SPOTTED: Eye Catchers

See this cute pair of earrings? Those simple ones, perfect for the days where we don't feel like dressing up but yet not gonna go out completely without accessories, can? So here she offers you, 3 pairs for RM 10! Woot! Go have a blast choosing already!

SPOTTED: Se.xx.y

Hey look! They brought in more goodies! And I always *heart* how they bring in stuff that are simple and yet versatile. Like this one here? Colour's absolutely stunning and the thing is, it's up to you how you wanna wear it!

SPOTTED: Your Moms Fashion

Hey more doses of vintage goodies for us all! Like suddenly there are s many of 'em in town! Woot! Like this one here? I think it's totally chic with the mini length as well as thewhole faux belt is it? Oh, and the colours are simply dashing! Go check out their brand new collection today!

SPOTTED: .Stop.Shop.Splurge.

Yet another toga one, huh? They just keep on coming! This time, with ruffles round the neckline and cutesome polka dots all over! *giggles* Or well, you can also wear it off shoulder or not! Come on, you get to decide right? *winks*


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