Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lots of goodies!

SPOTTED: Doggy Duty

Want more Coach without causing heartache? Opt for something like this! The Coach Heritage Stripe Tote is yours for an amazingly affordable price, and it looks just as good as the genuine one too! Like hey, especially if you're a student, no need to drain all that moolah on a bag yet

SPOTTED: Kissss and tell

They updated again! Something simple of course, a stripey top with a Y-design around the neckline. And what's more it comes with a sash which you can choose to tie at the front or at the back! Woot! So how do you like to wear it?

SPOTTED: Favourite Boutique

How's that for an off shoulder top now? Yes, we have the floral element checked! Paired with an uber awesome shade of pink and voila! What an awesome top already! *giggles* I'd say so, what about you?

SPOTTED: The Girlie Closet

Nah-uh. The floral bits don't stop there! it's all over this dress! *grins* Like majorly, can? And not only so, this one here is so cleverly arranged in an abstract design that hey, the colour really brings it out in you!

Even more floral galore!

And it's on a vest mind you! Ah.. so the pinstripes and such are gone? Tee-hee. No, silly. Just something different for a change, if you're really a fan of floral goodies, then hey, get this vest already!

SPOTTED: White Label

A sporty mini dress? A sporty mini dress with a hoodie? *giggles* Omg, that's like uber cute, can? I know, I *heart* hoodies with a capital H. So this is so like my thing. I like the whole empire waist effect, really gives it a femininity touch, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Oh, popsicles!

Another high waisted skirt, and this one here definitely looks like a tulip skirt, no? *grins* I think so too! You know what, I'm never gonna say we lack anything online no more, everytime I do, they flood in! And that's a good thing too I suppose. Tee-hee. Anyways, this skirt here is uber gorgeous. High waisted it may be but definitely not pencil skirt, a little bubbly to suit your liking?


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