Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You know what looks really good with washed out denim? A weaved belt. A wide weaved belt that is! I kid you not, it's true. Totally rocks the denim, can? ok, maybe it's more of my personal taste kinda thing, but you get my drift. If you're looking for a thinner version, hey they have it too!

SPOTTED: Wussy Toots

And the girls are back again! Ooo.. even they brought in their own maxi dress! And the best part of it all is the length is suited for petites where it won't be sweeping the floors and you need not search for stilettos just to wear with this one. Awesome! Psst! They're bringing bags in too. In a couples of days.

SPOTTED: Midnight Glam *Newbie*

Another newbie?! *gasp* be patient babes, there are more to come! And before that, let's check out this colour block satin dress! Woot! Now that's a pretty sight, colour blocks AND satin. Ahh.. don't ew love satin? It's so chic by itself already so no need for 'em prints!

SPOTTED: Velvet Ribbon

Would you believe it? she is bringing for us Nine West inspired shoes?! They are laced up peep toes! OMG, that's so cute. Totally like fairy shoes, no? I always think they remind me of fairies I don't know why. Tee-hee. But they are really gorgeous!

SPOTTED: Fashionista Shoppe

More kimono inspired goodies? Tee-hee. Don't we love 'em? And yes, this is in satin too! I reckon it can be a dress? Not just a top unless well, you are of model height (which I am so not but wanna be!) add on some floral designs and voila! Here you have it!


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