Tuesday, August 26, 2008

SPOTTED: Old is Gold *Newbie*

Calling all vintage junkies, here's another one for you that goes by the bidding system. Remember only one piece and the highest bidder gets the goods! This one here is something special, no? The netting collar sure does boost the reasons for bidding on this one!

SPOTTED: White Label

Here's something that seems to be occurring pretty often too. Peacock designs on dresses! Not sure about you, but I like the simplicity of the colour blends on this one here. Nothing too loud in colours and at the same time not too dark

SPOTTED: Doublewoot

Hey look, more rings! And flower themed too. They are limited btw, so you better check 'em out and take your pick before they go bye bye to their new owners! Wouldn't want that now, do we?

SPOTTED: Soak Republic

And not only do you get floral prints on rings, you even get 'em on earrings! And they are big! And also very delicate at the same time. I reckon you can dress up head to toe in floral prints and look like, a garden? O.o Tee-hee. Ooops. Lame comment there.


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