Friday, August 8, 2008

SPOTTED: Funtogs

Hey look they're back! was worried that they were gonna abandon their e-shop can? Anyways, they have come with yet another gorgeous tube dress! A waist corset tube dress that is *grins* Now whoever thought that would be such a great hit together? Looks fantabulous like that, no?

SPOTTED: Triple Heart

They keep bringing us such yummy-licious goodies that we all wanna fight for! Like this tunic here? Simple as it might be, it's absolutely versatile. Wear it as a mini dress or with a pair of leggings for that casual yet cute look!

SPOTTED: Fabulosity Boulevard

You must be thinking that's a dress, no? Actually it isn't. It's the high waisted skirt that they're selling here! That's right, with a cute little ribbon at the front and a zipper round the back for that perfect fit, this might be just what you're looking for!

SPOTTED: Our Temptations

Ok, another basic here is none other than the halter dress. In one basic shade, who's to say you need to fancy it up with designs? Pop on a cincher like its modelled or accessorise it your own way! Be creative and have fun!


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