Friday, August 8, 2008


Who? Where? What?


SPOTTED: Fashion Remedy

Yup, this time its by them! All you need to do, like always, is to mention you're a reader from A Shopaholic's Den and you're entitled to free shipping! Woot! But wait, not everyone gets it.

Only the first 5 customers do! So hurry and be the first 5!

Besides, would you wanna miss something like this?

A pussy sleeved tunic with 'em puffy pockets? A square neckline down the front while a V-neckline at the back? Hey, I reckon you can wear it both ways too! so hurry and check out what you're missing out on already!


Your sister in shopping


Anonymous said...

how can i buy this dress? n how much would it cost me including d shipping n postage in malaysian ringgit?

Your sister in shopping said...

Anonymous: All details are t be found at their wbbie yea ;)