Friday, August 8, 2008

SPOTTED: Goddess City

And they're back again with something which is super similar with the goodies from 'em big brands except with a more fantabulous price! Here it is! Something so similar to the one in MNG except like you pay a quarter of the price only! Woot! A puffy sleeved fully boned corset blouse it is! Make it yours today!

SPOTTED: Clothesbucket

They bring to you even more cardigans this time round. More stripey cardis that is and for the same fab price as before too! You surely don't wanna miss out on such a fab deal from 'em alright *winks*

SPOTTED: Devilish Bunnies

And lookie here! Yet another new e-shop! That's right. They just keep on coming, no? And they got a cute name btw too *giggles* Anyways, they too have something floral for us. An abstract floral trapeze dress that is!

SPOTTED: daughters by Doreen Tan

And we have a new one here, ok, they have been established a while already, appearing in 2 fashion shows in 1u, interviewed by various local mags and even by TV houses! And they too decided to launch a webbie for your shopping convenience if visiting 'em @ Gardens in Mid Valley is too much a hassle

So let's take a sneak peek, shall we? *giggles*

It's like a combination of both studs and chandeliers, can? Tee-hee. Nothing too fanciful, something sweet and just nice for us. Ahh.. simplicity at its best this one is. So check 'em out every so often, they are releasing new goodies like, every day?!


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