Monday, August 18, 2008

SPOTTED: A Model's Studio

A crocheted piece with not one, not two but three straps on each side to flow through the back to form this sexy halter top for you! Hmm.. was thinking about a mini dress but I think it may be a tad bit too short, no? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: The Colour Theory

Something simple and colourful with the puffy sleeves! We sure can't get enough of 'em puffy sleeved tops alright *giggles* I mean, they are cute, they are basic tops we all need and hey, they go about with just anything!

SPOTTED: Like Seriously

Ok, to borrow your e-shop's title for a bit, like seriously, I can spend all day reviewing just brand new e-shops because there are so many!

They have a mixture of vintage as well as brand new goodies here, and this is something really cute! A rainbow print on a denim tube dress! Whoa.. like totally vintage yet hey, denim never goes out of style, can?

SPOTTED: Daily Shopping Therapy

There we go again, yet another new e-shop! And they dazzle you away with something totally sexy like this. a halter sexy mini dress! Woot! Like imagine all the attention that's gonna be on you before you can even wear this one out!


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