Saturday, August 9, 2008

How about an off shoulder babydoll dress in the shade of 'em salmon pink? *winks* There simply isn't anything sweeter than this design in this shade, can? *giggles* Makes us feel so girly girl already! Tee-hee. I loike it!

SPOTTED: La'Belle Closet

More two toned goodies from over the seas! That's right, this cutesy little puffy sleeved top here is flown in frowm Taiwan! Wouldn't get to see this sort round here like that, so grab a piece already!

SPOTTED: The Closetz Galore

Ooo.. isn't this like just the cutest thing ever? With 'em circles and row of little buttons there, this is definitely one cute dress alright! Something simple yet fab on its own!


An asymmetrical tube top? On such bright and gorgeous colours? Woot! Now who's to say we can't wear 'em when they're asymmetrical? *giggles* I think they're totally hot! *sizzles* Tee-hee. I want one already, don't you?

SPOTTED: Rockstar Chic

Ohh.. Ohh.. we got even more eyelet dresses! *giggles* Like totally reminds me of Blair Waldrof! And you know what, the next season starts in September if I'm not wrong! *squeals!* So dress like her? Or dress like her already? *winks*

SPOTTED: My Miracle Wardrobe

Ahh.. something we don't get to see everyday now, do we? Handmade nail art is here! Woot! Gorgeous violet flowers too! Now who wants a set? I would so love to have them because they are just so pretty!

SPOTTED: daughters by Doreen Tan

Now who wants a charmbracelet? Because they have one just for you with a huge heart there on it too! It has got an engraved interlocked chain along with small cutesy little flowers there too! Simply the sweetest thing, no? *winks*

Alrighty, gonna hop off to bed now! Toodles!


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