Friday, August 8, 2008

Want to see another new e-shop? *grins*

SPOTTED: the envelopes

And look what they brought us! pretty block coloured dresses! Or well tunics if you're one of the taller babes! Comes in oh-so-striking colours, these would definitely do for any party, can? Steal the limelight already!

SPOTTED: Sugadollies

They have more goodies for us! Woot! Want more vests? Then you are so getting 'em! *giggles* That's right babes. In the pinstripes we love the most! They are here once more! if you haven't got one in this colour, then you really should like place your order now!


Your sister in shopping


the envelopes said...

wow. that was quick! thank you and you're linked too! cheers!

Your sister in shopping said...

the envelopes: thanks for linking me bak ;)