Friday, August 29, 2008

SPOTTED: PinkGincu *Newbie*

Now would you look at that mod dress already? This is like so old school style can? where the buttons instead of being at the skirt, it's at the top *giggles* How cute is that?!

SPOTTED: Angel Attraction *Newbie*

Yet another black and white dress. Is it like the theme lately, cuz I've been seeing them like everywhere! Woot! Plus, this one here with the chains totally reminds me of erm, Chanel? Or something like that, no? Pardon me if I'm wrong yea


Now we know why they disappeared for so long, they brought in more goodies, like by the loads! Woot! No kidding, another black and white dress? Tee-hee. Looks like a theme sporting out here, and now we have 'em in stripes. This is like so old school too!

SPOTTED: A Bouquet of Tulips

Aww.. no more black and white but hey they cherries on white look totally fab, no? I think so! They are uber adorable! *giggles* And yes, this is a tube dress or a skirt, depends on how you wanna look at it

SPOTTED: Kiss and Tell

Ooo.. another red and white one! This time with little hearts all over *giggles* Didn't I tell you I love themed posts already? Simple dress, simple designs are the best too! Don't you agree?

SPOTTED: Crazy Sunday Closet

And you wouldn't wanna go in those yummy clothes without some bags, no? Try a Gucci inspired bag then. Yes, one that is made of calfskin too. Ooo.. for such a fab price? You sure don't wanna miss on such a deal. Of course this ain't the only design they've got, they have heaps! Go check it out!


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