Friday, August 29, 2008

Hey did you know that the whole ruffled collar thing is like so in season now? No joke! It's everywhere, from toga dresses to playsuits to your ever so basic off shoulder top! Noticed the little embellishments on the straps? Not so basic after all eh? *winks*

SPOTTED: Paradiskyss

Even they have moved to offer you bag charms, aww.. how cute is that can? A real gorgeous bunch there too, with beads and charms that will sure liven up that bag, a real accessory for your bag and hey, adds on to your look too!

SPOTTED: Ancient Orchids

They are on a spree with updates I tell you! And this is so not your ordinary shirt can? it looks like a shirt with a bustier, only that its the illusion it wants you to see! It's actually all in one piece. Fancy that eh?

SPOTTED: Soak Republic

And they have yet another quirky design that blow us away! Only this one aims to lock you up and throw away the key. Tee-hee. Just kidding! But yea, it has a pair of handcuffs and a key! On a chrabracelet. How fab is that?

SPOTTED: Stitch Project

Even more statement badges this round and oh, here's one that says "Chocolates cure PMS". OMG, how cute is that can? and.. and.. they're gonna showcase their button badges at "ONE NIGHT SPEND"

OMG, another party on the 6th of Sept? Hey you can like so drop by Euphoria by AMS first and later swing by this one! Awesome weekend!


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