Friday, September 12, 2008

Apologies for the late post, went for Shirts4Real launch! Their new range is awesome! And the story behind it as well, and everything else was so fab, can? Didn't get to stay long though.. but will blog about it soon-ish!


SPOTTED: Oozora.tang

'em bangles are something we do not see very often, can? and this is definitely a somewhat rare find! Better get your hands on 'em quick because i don't think she has much in store! I particularly like this one here *grins* Very sexy..

SPOTTED: Favourite Boutique

Hoodie! Graphic hoodie! I thought they were all like sold out can? but look who brought more in. This one here is a jumper style, where you just slip on. If you find it a hassle, opt for one with a zipper. They have it too *giggles* 1 piece each only. So chop, chop, send your emails in!


An anklet or a bracelet? This one depends on how you want it or rather, what you want it to be. Because she can customise it for you. Aww.. that's sweet can? Imagine this on an anklet, definitely look fab, no?

SPOTTED: Runway Closet

Another maxi dress? No worries, this one is different because it isn't your usual halter style, can? but it is floral *giggles* looks like floral prints are here to stay, despite summer is over, though its always summer here!

SPOTTED: Fashion Unleashed *Newbie*

Another new one, and do they have some awesome stuff there or what? Is that Peter Pan collar I see? Oh, anyways, this dress is perfect for a laid back outlook on the work place but yet still maintaining the sense of style, can? yummy, yummy!

SPOTTED: Jolly Dolly

And the jumpsuits, are still on the roll! Short ones, long ones, even to the knee ones. We have seen it all, but I know some of you missed out on it, so here's to you!

SPOTTED: Vibrant Swirls

Tone it done with 'em swirls, but spark it up with 'em colours! *grins* this one here, not exactly ur BF style shirt, but not just the length either. This one, perfect for 'em country girl look where you tie it at midriff *winks*


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