Friday, September 12, 2008

SPOTTED: Chatterbeads

Ohh.. what a fanciful handphone charm this one is no? Of butterflies and everything nice, fancy having that hanging off your mobile, eh? That would be awesome. Spice up your mobile already!

SPOTTED: Goddess City

A whole lot of vintage goodies from 'em alright! Plenty of belts and cinchers await you and get this, non-restockable! OMG, like there's only one of each, which makes whoever who purchase it unique, but you know! It also means hurry!

SPOTTED: Ancient Orchids

Well known for their style and unique pieces, this one here is nothing short of the both. Go to work in style with this one, it is not one but two pieces, can? and the vest inside, yes, vest is totally included! Ahh.. so long, all ye button down shirts!

SPOTTED: Se.xx.y

Updated again? Looks somewhat like the pinafore craze back then, but this one here is definitely more stylish, no? Simple shades, nothing too fancy, just a little design here and there and voila! You have got this! *winks*

SPOTTED: Daily Shopping Therapy

Check out these totes. Check out the lower half where there is like a zipper, can? *giggles* Simply gorgeous this one here. And the best part is of course the colour selection, something different from the usual! Another reason checked to buy it *grins*


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