Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The blogger is... still awake

SPOTTED: Hearts Fashion *Newbie*

A smocked blouse with simple prints along the hemline. Something like this is surely a good fit with jeans, leggings, skirts and well, almost anything! *grins* Don't you agree too? it's sweet and casual, something to add on to your closet!

SPOTTED: Hidden Boutique

As promised, they have their updates alright! Fancy a long cardi with some prints? There you have it for you! Gone are the days when cropped cardis were the thing, no? Now they're all about the longer the better. So have you got yours yet?

SPOTTED: Dressing Lab

She's on a roll I tell ya, she updates all the time. From what's trendy to the most basics, like this here. Batik tank top! Not so traditional after all are we? *winks* definitely looks good though

SPOTTED: Amber Closet

If you're the type who doesn't fancy cardis or hoodies, a rare one, then opt for a warm comfy turtleneck for the chilly weather we're experiencing now! One piece, no hassle, just nice, can? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Oh, popsicles!

Omg, how cute is that pinafore! Not only is it polka dotted, it's all so retro and fun at the same time, seriously. Ok, like so oxymoron there but you get my drift. This one here is uber cute. Tuck in the straps and voila! High waisted skirt!


And if you have got that dinner event coming up and absolutely need a dress or else, have a look-see at this one here! A halter mini dress with blings that will certainly dazzle you away. Woot!


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