Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SPOTTED: LuvCozy *Newbie*

Charmbracelets are here more! these are specially imported and don't they just remind you of juicy's? *grins* Almost, no? Anyhow, even if they don't, they still look fab. I want one, wouldn't you too?

SPOTTED: Soulchic

There she goes again, bringing to you even more runway inspired designs. And if you wanna get your hands on some, you better hurry then. Goodies like these? They don't last long on the online shelf alright *winks*

SPOTTED: My Shopping Sprees

Looking for a pair of booties but just can't find the right pair? Now you can own a pair! They are gonna order them just for you! OMG, I would so love that in white can? I love booties! Especially cuz they look so pixie-like. Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Pink LadyBirdz

Another bag! Haven't seen much around especially these kind where they have the drawstring feature. I so remember wanting to get one something like this, but lost in a bid. Boo... but hey, here are more! Yay!

SPOTTED: SweetDesign

Now we all know the fasting month has begin means, Raya ain't that far away! And guess what, they even have got kimono inspired tops for Raya? Somewhat, but they look absolutely fab, no? *winks*

And did you know they have a sister site that sells gorgeous wedding albums and wedding guest books???

Check 'em out!


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