Sunday, September 14, 2008

E-shop of the Week: JeansPearly

SPOTTED: JeansPearly

Another new week, another new e-shop to be featured already! My, time sure flies doesn't it? So let's see what they have in store for us!

Dresses, they have a plenty! And they aren't your usual dresses alright. Like this one here, the neckline is in cut out designs, simple nevertheless creative and unique, no?

And they also have the uber cute Peter Pan collar dresses too! or would you rather a trapeze neckline? Or even have some pleats down your dress? They've got it all babes!

And then, don't forget the tops. Ruffled and buttons down the front, like it plain or like it with designs? Totally your choice to make, because they have it both!

Or else, funk it up with some tie-dye that has 4 different colours altogether or even floral prints! These are like so vintage style, no?

Or if you really wanna go casual, then her try this tank top alright? Simple, not your usual basic coloured ones but definitely something to own! It's so funky, no?


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