Sunday, September 14, 2008

OMG, suddenly so many to review, can?!

Newbies galore!!

SPOTTED: dacottonshop

Check out that LBD! This one here is surely the classic LBD with the halter neck style, no? *giggles* Every girl needs one, what more for such an affordable price! Woot! Don't miss out now yo!

SPOTTED: Round –bean

Another accessory shop, fancy that and they have plenty of goodies alright. Many charmbracelets and even handbag charms such as this! I adore handbag charms, or well, if you wanna keep your keys with this one, it goes well too!

SPOTTED: Aaraqis Boutique

A quilted sling bag? I mean like how classic can you get with the tan shade and mixing it with the designer inspired quilt patterns? This is jut sfab, no? *grins* Do check out their other bags of course, plenty more they've got!


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