Sunday, September 28, 2008

E-Shop of the Week

SPOTTED: JeansPearly

Now this week, we have something rather different. That is, it ain't clothes that are being featured, but watches! That's right. They have it all for both babes and dudes!

Classy, these are the ones for you. Wear them out, wear them proud. They're timeless and suddenly you feel all so important already, can?

Or would you want something more elegant, something that gives the impression that hey, take me seriously alright? I ain't a kid no more! Well, they have it for you as well!

And oh, alright. If you really want something casual and fun to suit your playtime, they have got 'em too! I mean, why not can? after all, they're offering you selections in every way to suit the occasion!

Psst, they have both digital and analogue watches! Go check 'em out already!


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