Sunday, September 28, 2008

SPOTTED: Cat in a Bowl

More high waisted pencil skirts! Wow, they sure look very sexy-tary can? *winks* and you have to take a look at those row of buttons there! Woot! Down, down, down they go and yes, the buttons really do add something extra to it, no?

SPOTTED: Ministry of Clothes

Garden on my dress! Garden on my dress! *giggles* That's right, they have more of it and they aren't stopping! That's a real unique shade for a dress there, no? And really makes the flowers stand out as if they're real! Slip in the straps and make this a tube dress? *winks*

SPOTTED: Princess Boutique

Ahh.. giving it the whole dual toned look there with this one here? Looks like a massive high waisted skirt there no? Paired up with this pretty tube top *grins* looking fab there already *winks* And yes, we would love it so much!

SPOTTED: Sweet Innocence

mm.. a stripey number. Haven't seen one in a while already, no? And yes, this one here looks sexy-licious with the soft shades of grey and the whole bustier emphasis there. Lovely, isn't it?


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