Tuesday, September 30, 2008



SPOTTED: Margarita Maiden

Wowee.. check out that blazer there already! Woot! Sure does feel all matured and sophisticated with this one here, no? And you know what? You so do not need to be at work to wear this one. You can wear it anytime, anywhere as well!

SPOTTED: Rainbowmallows

That girl has done it again with tons and tons of kimono inspired goodies! And never fail to impress, I must say. Floral designs of all shapes and sizes and colours carefully placed on these beautiful dresses. Gotten yours yet?

SPOTTED: Velvet Ribbon

Leopard prints skinnies? *grins* This one here sure is a sexy thang, no? I mean like leopard prints are so the wild factor and then on skinnies? Imagine people checking you out as you walk out the door already!


Yes, more vests! And they sure look cute when they come with these Peter Pan collars, no? *giggles* and it's totally adjustable with the sash at the front, can? or would you rather tuck it in and not show it? *winks*


More colourful shorts! Woot! These here will totally brighten your day, no? Just pair them up with that tank top and hit the streets. After all, despite the rain, it does get hot in here! *grins*

SPOTTED: Frozen Petalz

Yesterday, they gave you halter with embellishments. Today they have even more of those, now in the form of racerbacks! Are they on an embellishment frenzy? Looks like it, no? *giggles*

SPOTTED: Kyo-Fashion

And yes, another charmbracelet to end the post. A little red one too and did you like notice the ladybird charm there? *giggles* sure is a cute thing to own now, no?


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