Sunday, September 28, 2008

More readers’ stories!

Ok, this one here. I've heard both accounts. From the e-shop owner and the customer as well

E-shop owner:

Am concerned that a particular package gas yet to be received by the customer. Postage is done via normal mail and without a tracking number. E-shop owner has done it several times before and has never had anything wrong with it. It is also stated, like most e-shops do, in the T & C that the e-shop owners will not be responsible for the loss or damages incurred during postage. Owner is worried and feels unfair if the customer never gets the package

Now from the customer:

Is disappointed with the matter. After all, payment was made and goods had gone missing somewhere, somehow. Customer finds it difficult to contact the e-shop owner and also that even though the e-shop owner offered compensation of some sort, this isn't good enough to redeem what was lost


What say you?

Well, we all know due to the fasting month the post office services have been affected. Some closing early and what not. I reckon that their delivery times have been shortened as well. And also, it is true that the e-shop owners aren't liable for loss, but as most e-shop owners are e-shoppers themselves, they understand what a sticky situation this is. A lose-lose situation like this sure is hard for both parties. I suggest that customers and e-shop owners use normal mail with caution, and to add a few more dollars to get it registered? Better to be safe than to save a couple of dollars, no?


And here we have another one. A scam issue:

Customer A made purchase with pre-order shop B. Customer A made the payment and after 2 – 3 months there was no package in the mail. When contacted, the e-shop owner made many remarks saying there were issues with the pre-order and what not. Even after the customer managed to find out a contact with someone associated with the owner, customer A found out that e-shop owner had lied about being away for a period of time. The e-shop owner now refuses to answer calls and reply messages.


What say you?

Sad to say the owner of the e-shop is a working adult and such an issue does reflect that there are some unethical business owners out there, no? I applaud customer A for being patient and sensible and giving the owner a benefit of the doubt. Alas, she was disappointed. Shop with caution babes, as appealing as the goodies may be, do always find out adequate info before making purchases. Oh, and contact details? Are a must!

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Anonymous said...

HAHA... firstly, IT IS blog owners job to get tracking numbers. NOT PROPERLY DOCUMENTED, is their mistake made. IF the tracking number HAS BEEN RECORDED down, then, everything will be solved. customer can track it themselves, whether like it or not. if customers had the initiative to ask for the tracking number is not their fault. it's the blog owners forgetfulness and clumsiness. SECONDLY, it is the customers job to ASK for the tracking number. CLEARLY denying mails and replying slow is not going to help if blog owners are truthful. So far i've bought with MANY blog shops, and they ALL give full refunds. however if customer didn't take initiative, then too bad.

Anonymous said...

And. In law, if owner forgot to provide or take into account documenting the tracking number, is tort of negligence. But again, if customer didn't ask for the tracking number, is contributory negligence. And customers like US, hope you, ashopaholicsden is NEUTRAL and this post is totally for customer protection. Not trying to help blogshops.

Anonymous said...

Situation A

i'm an owner of a e-shop, i do always recommend my customers to opt for PosLaju and PosEkpress which can be slightly cheaper if both compared. Both services allows tracking and it's secured compared to Registered Mail.i do not not really trust Registered Mail because i've encounter a few times where they totally loose my parcel completely and refund have to be made to my customers!

as a blogsphop owner i will run through the pros and cons with my customers about the shipment options before asking them to choose

and yes, we always provide tracking number to the customers once posting is done =)

ashopaholicsden, we know you're just being nice and understanding for bringing this issue up....keep on the good job!!

Anonymous said...

I'm writing about my experience.

I had a deal made with a preorder girl over selltrade community. what happened was she was all fast in replies before i deposited the money, but after she slowed down. I continued to msg her over a period of months... and she finally gave me the excuse of having received the wrong stock and that she would refund my money to me. So understandably I gave her my account. but up til now, even after continuous emails, smses and such, I've yet to receive my money.

Aside from that I've also a case with a girl who claimed to have sent me my clothes. But they never came, I never got the notification from the pos laju office either. And now a couple of months later, I am STILL msging her, asking her to return my cash, to which she is now putting off til she comes home from overseas. only time will tell whether she will actually carry it out.

Another one last case, would be this girl who is similiar to the case above, but says that she will be depositing the cash in to my account in a couple of days. We'll see how it goes, as I've been chasing after my item, then my refund since.. march.

Cat in a Bowl said...

anonymous, i think the postage was done with normal postage which means, there is no tracking number at all.

For me, i would never use normal mail even if the customer asks for normal posting. I would advise them that it's not safe & normally would offer to top up some postage for pos laju if the customer insists on using normal mail to save postage charge. At least i would have a peace of mind and know that the percentage of losing the parcel during posting is low and if sth happen, i would still have the tracking number & posting slip.

Anonymous said...


I came across this reader's story and would love to share my point of view

first of for anonymous, during my read through on a shopaholics den point of view, it was portrayed as very neutral on both sides, but from my point of view, it is both parties fault as to the shop owner knows of the risk that she is going through, and if parcel is lost, her reputation will be down the drain and as said that responsibilities will not be carried out by e shop because the sender also was aware that normal mail is definitely a very risky thing to do, why not just top up a bit for the sake of getting those clothes in a secure delivery condition.
so to my point of view, they r both at fault, for knowing the risk, yet they want to continue to do so.
normally doing this kind of business, risk is not something that u can consider a option because this business means trust between both parties and naturally, both parties have to be willing to sacrifice abit in order to have a smooth worryfree transaction.
as a e shop owner myself, postage with tracking number is always the option, not normal mail. and if customers dont wanna pay so much for postage, then opt for cod where they can meet up and check their stuff as well. so seeing the reader's stories posted to this post, I think both are to be blamed, or rather there are no parties at fault because both already are aware of the consequences.

Anonymous said...

i think the buyer didn't know that the seller is using normal mail as the seller only mentioned about free postage, but buyer should also ask for the postage method during the deal. as an e-shop owner, i only encourage to use registered mail and poslaju, pos express only if the buyer insisted (as there's no one at home to sign for the parcel). as all of us know, registered mail and poslaju need recipient signature, therefore it is safer. for pos express, i've come across a posman just throw the parcel at any part of the house, or just leave it at the gate, as the envelope is too big to be tuck inside the letter box. who knows someone might take it?

i've once lost a parcel through registered mail, and i was a buyer. the pos office cannot track the parcel and it's no where to be found. the seller actually took the initiative to report the loss of items. the form was sent to me to reconfirm of the loss, and refund was made to the seller. seller then refund the money to me. bravo to the seller for being a responsible one. but the process is quite long, took bout 3months or maybe more, at least i get back my money =)

seller is also responsible in a way although in her clause she might have state she's no responsible for the loss of items. well, at least try getting back refunds from the pos office. but in this case, normal mail is just hopeless. no tracking number, can't track at all. people might have taken it, you wouldn't know =\