Monday, September 29, 2008


Would you believe it, yet another starry piece? And now a hoodie as well? Woot! You sure know you want one already! Totally can't get enough of these goodies, no? *grins*

SPOTTED: Kissss and Tell

Here's something else we can't get enough of, that is kimono inspired goodies! *giggles* I know! There are like so many to choose from, can? and you so gotta check out the designs on this already! So gorgeous!

SPOTTED: Wearsandwhatnots

Another tube dress. Hmm.. this one here ain't so typical can? check out the ruffles there already *giggles* Something different definitely, no? And yes, more floral prints for everyone! Woot!

SPOTTED: Wardrobe Memories

More vintage goodies available! And this one here is a yellow and black diamond motif skirt! Wow, the colours are totally vintage can? especially when you place them like that! How fab is that, now?

SPOTTED: Eve's Closet

Butterfly flutters by baby! And you sure do with this dress here. Notice how the stripes are carefully arranged? And they just make you look so slim and slender already, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Clothesforfun

Fancy a mini dress? And not in your usual colour palette? Well, she has just brought in the right piece for you alright! This one here, slightly tulip shaped at the bust and a little ruched, a mini number that's sure to turn heads alright *winks*


A pink jumpsuit! Ooo.. so sweet, can? *giggles* I totally loike it, even though I never had a thing for jumpsuits. But with this shade here? Definitely something to shout about, no? *winks* I know I am


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