Sunday, September 14, 2008

Of checks and maxis

SPOTTED: Miss Cinderella

Now check shirts we seen plenty but a check minidress like this? that buttons up to a high collar, or you can choose to button down too of course. This is definitely one of a kind no? And hey, I got to say it looks pretty smart too!

SPOTTED: The Colour Theory

Or you want the traditional checks shirt? But colourfully done? Well the colour theory has injected their colour dosage into it of course. There you have it! *giggles* So pretty, no?

SPOTTED: Velvet Ribbon

The maxi trend continues, and even with this fiery red one. Dare you carry this stunning colour babes? *winks* You sure don't wanna miss out on this one here alright!

SPOTTED: Kissss and Tell

Or would you rather opt for a braided one? Ah.. a tri colour halter maxi with braides. Me likey this one. Just simple and the colour stand out like, totally! *winks*


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