Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Something other than clothes...

OMG, she's back! Tee-hee. I so miss her designs, don't you? And there she goes again with her love themed goodies. Aww.. always the sweetest thing, no? Especially the heart shaped toggle! *giggles* I loike it!

SPOTTED: Kyo Fashion

Speaking about sweet, this one here is all in pink! Ooo.. who's a pink fan?? I am! But only after white of course *grins* And they have a flower, a key and a heart charm there too! Ooo.. cuteness and fully girly girl!

SPOTTED: ''lil jewelry lover

Now what's cute other than butterflies? Why.. dragonflies of course! Tee-hee. And she made this one upside down of each other. How cute is that can? Surely something different from the ordinary this one is! So, do you wanna be other than ordinary? *winks*


How about some oriental clutches for a change? Not your usual Chanel inspired and quilted, but hey something traditional does look good too once in a while, no? Especially when there's that big event coming up. hmm.. have you got a cheongsam to match?

SPOTTED: Becharm

And as you all probably know already, I'm back to school. I mean, uni. And a bag like this would so make my day, where I can just sweep everything off my desk into it and head for class (that's cuz erm, I'm always in a rush, heh *shy*) Anyway, not only is it big enough to fit everything, it's also cute! Minnie Mouse will always be

SPOTTED: The Colour Theory

OMG, are those gladiators? And they're fiercer than all I've seen before can?? Like whoa.. sexy and almost Catgirl like. I don't know why, just gives me the impression. Mmm.. pair it up with a mini already!


Your sister in shopping

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