Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yes, the pinafore's are still around babes. Would you belive it? *grins* Really brings back old memories with this one here, no? It's a whole one piece so you don't have to go hunting for the perfect inner piece to match it with! How fab!

SPOTTED: 1 Babe Shop

Another kimono inspired top? Ooo.. isn't it lovely that it's made of satin like that? check out the flutter sleeves as well! Me likey, me likey it a lot! Though I reckon it's a tad bit too big for me..


First they put stilettos on the Mary Janes, now they put ballet flats on platforms? O.o what are the shoes evolving too? when the old school meets contemporary, you get a whole new bunch of designs already! Woot!


Yes, it's the smocked tube dresses yet again! *giggles* Look at this one here in sunshine yellow! So pretty! Adnd notice the hemline there? yes, that's right. They have got lace piping for this pretty little thing!


More cinchers are available for you lot! Check out the bling bling on this one as well. Definitely jazz up that outfit for the par-tay already, can?! Woot! Let your hair down like you just don't care!

SPOTTED: Little Buttonx

Ahh.. what an awesome tote. Capacity to fill many things yet when you carry it, it gives you the impression that the bag ain't too big after all. Yes, that's what we like best, ample space without looking like we're lugging heaps of goodies!

SPOTTED: SheriShopie *Newbie*

More accessories? That's right. There was a sudden hype with these, no? I think they're wooden and painted, I think. I'm not too sure. But hey, they do look uber cute, no? *winks* And with the beads and ribbons to add on to it, awesome!


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