Saturday, September 27, 2008

SPOTTED: Phlox Studio

You know you love 'em and can't wait for more! So here's their newest batch and this time with a pleated high waisted skirt as well? Well, how can you say no to something like that already! *winks* Oh, and do hurry to place your order babes!

SPOTTED: The Attires' Attic

OMG, more kimonos? And this one is even made of silk and from over the seas babes! Non-restockable! *gasp* They sure look pretty don't they? Despite the gazillion kimono dresses and tops you have in your closet already. One more wouldn't hurt, no?

SPOTTED: Frozen Petalz

Simple spag is what we all need sometimes, can? and did you like notice that the straps are glittered as well? *winks* Yes, they sure are alright! And it looks pretty like so, no? *winks* You bet 'cha!


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