Monday, September 29, 2008

Hey there she goes again. Another two-in-one necklace here for you. With a sweet little heart and then a seahorse charm? *giggles* How cute is that already, can? get yours today, remember, no remakes!

SPOTTED: Colour Me Pretty

A bag that sends out an environmentally friendly message? Wow.. now that's some bag we all should be carrying, no? I mean, a little effort sure goes a long way you know. And I'd say the designs are pretty creative as well!

SPOTTED: Doublewoot

Plenty of cinchers available for you lot babes! So many to choose from. How many cinchers have you got already? Wouldn't hurt to have just one more.. especially when it'll look good with those tops and dresses *winks*

SPOTTED: Bebel Nina

Didn't I say we're spoilt for choice when it comes to cinchers? Well, here's even more of 'em for you! *giggles* I know! It's a crazy wide selection out there, no? And how can we resist? Cinchers are like so the accessory we need!

SPOTTED: Hidden Boutique

A simple top, a little ruched at the bust and some sort of pussy bow there, no? I reckon it's up to you, to leave it like this or to tie it in a bow. Whichever that tickles your fancy babes! Clothes theses days, so versatile, can?

SPOTTED: Uber Love by Miss Lyanna

More long stripes cardis for you lot! And you know what? The white tank top is like so included with the purchase of the cardi, can? *grins* I know, what a fab offer, no? Get yours now! It isn't every day we'll come across cardis of this length!


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