Monday, September 29, 2008

SPOTTED: Dolly Sins

Yes, that's right! More high waisted skirts are available now for you! In that classic black, this time it comes with an adjustable and the buttons are along the pockets? Instead of the usual two rows down the front. Looking good already, can?

SPOTTED: Cinderella's Closet

Heartfelt hoodie? This one is yet another one printed with hearts. Who would know that simple hearts can be just on about any apparel there ever was? *giggles* Now we know and we're loving it already!

SPOTTED: d LookinGlass

A knitted sweater that fits your curves just nicely? That sure is one stunning piece already. No one ever said you got to cover up and not be flattering at the same time, no? This one here, does just that for you

SPOTTED: Dyna's Fashion

If you follow Gossip Girl like I do and take note of what they wear, this hairband here would look way too familiar can? Yes, it's donned on by none other than Queen B herself. Or has she been dethroned already? *winks*

SPOTTED: Devilish Bunnies

Here you go ladies. More shorts. I know, every girl needs a pair, can? and a pair of white ones, despite how inconvenient it may get and all, are really versatile! Everyone should have at least, one pair, no?

SPOTTED: Pegs & Hangers

Would this classify as a toga dress as well? Anyhow that strap there is surely something extra special we don't see every day. What more when it's paired with a mini dress like this. The ruched area at the bust? Mm.. makes it more sexy-licious!

SPOTTED: Clothesforfun

Just when I thought, wow. So many goodies, looks like she wasn't finished when I reviewed it last night. They're big, they're versatile and I'm sure you babes out there have lots of ways to make good use of the bags already, no? *winks*


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Bb-J said...

Well excuse me, Our Mutual Passion sells pre-loved. What happened to the "we don't review pre-loved shops" thing?