Monday, September 8, 2008

Go back to nature style with warm earth colours with this dress. Looks a bit like some hot chick geologists or some sort can? and the colours are so in season too! oh, don't worry about looking for the right belt and tube top to match it with, it comes with the dress!

SPOTTED: One Babe Shop *Newbie*

Looking for the right maxi dress? And you absolutely adore kimono inspired goodies? Well, guess what they brought for you! They perfect match for both styles can? and oh.. they have other styles as well. They have a whole collection of maxi dresses there alright

SPOTTED: Sugerkins Accessories

That's right. This is the sister site for Sugerkins. Seems like everyone is branching out aren't they? And well, it's a good thing for us, more choices! And I totally heart this bag! It's pink too! me likey, do you?

SPOTTED: Hugs and Jellyfishes

Totally love the way they model too, always so fun! You turn up a smile just by seeing them like this. and of course, make the clothes fun too! ruffles and florals, who would have thought that would turn out so good? *winks*

SPOTTED: Shopping Princess

And even more bags?? Versatile too mind you, be it a tote, shoulder or a sling, this one here comes with a taste of vintage. Awesome! And I'd say it's rather classy too, no? *grins*

SPOTTED: The Colour Theory

That's right, bright yummy colours to brighten up your wardrobe. In the form of this year's most sought after shirt style, the BF style. Cinch it up and be the trendy chic in town already! *winks*

SPOTTED: Becharm

Another bag?! Handmade too! and hey, sometimes having a variety of bags is good no? So add something like this to your collection fif you haven't got one already! Btw, they have heaps of flip flops too!

SPOTTED: Ninth Havens *Newbie*

Another newbie on the roll! And they sure bring in lots of satin goodies alright. Especially this sexy dress here. Mm.. yummy-licious. Get ready for that date in this already! Woot!


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