Monday, September 8, 2008

Read up on what pig skin lining is about and comment!


SPOTTED: The Closette

Going back to the basics with just a simple button down top! Best part of it all is the cute puffed up sleeves *giggles* I love puffy sleeved tops, and they are the best match ever with pinafores! Choose to wear this buttoned up or down to your liking!

SPOTTED: Pumpkin

More high waisted skirts, and not of the pencil type. I know like not everyone fancies the whole pencil skirt style but still dig the high waisted skirts, so this one here is good for you! Better grab it fast though, you don't wanna miss out on this!

SPOTTED: d'boolat boutique

Another puffy sleeved top! Only this one has embroidered flowers all over it, aww.. how sweet, no? *winks* a little more to the feminine side with this one and definitely good for those semi formal events!

SPOTTED: Pretty Clues

Another blouse good for 'em semi formal events and for work where the puffy bow adds on a little fun factor to it too! *grins* So wear this to work and let your hair down later during the night and make it good for play as well! How versatile, can?

SPOTTED: Frangipani's

Gladiators anyone? Like these aren't flats, just a little heel for you so that you won't have to worry about tripping over those 3 inches heels (I'ma klutz and high heels don't go so well with me) Anyways, if you're worried about pig skin lining, they have mentioned that it is not used here. But do read the post on it and drop your comments yea?

SPOTTED: Wardrobe Cravings

Another boyfriend shirt! I wonder what the boyfriends must be thinking at the presence of this style, it's like oh no, now my pretty babe is dressing like me?! but still as sexy as ever? *winks* Tee-hee. Anyways, do notice that all prices are inclusive of postage fee too! Woot!


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